Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 28: So it Ends, With a Renga

what can i say? except, well, maybe, this was an absolutely extraordinary & exhausting experience.  but, it was exactly what i needed.  to kickstart my writing goals for 2013, to capitalize on the idea that we must make time in our lives for our goals & big picture dreams as much as possible.  & i was able to raise funds for a cause i believe in, while doing something i love.  i am so thankful.  for this space/time to write.  for my loved ones who supported me through the month.  and thankful my dear brain did not just fade away, but kept churning out ideas & pieces, the beginning of which are starting to form into something, bigger.  bottom line is this:  so glad to have done this, but so glad i have a few days to just watch re-runs of big bang theory & spend time with my family.  but poetry, i do love you.

read our final collaborative piece, a renga to finish with a collective sigh, here.

& while my poeming for tupelo is at an end, my dear friend & fellow lesley poet, kali lamparelli is writing during the month of march.  check out her way with words.