Wednesday, June 15, 2011

national flip flop day

umm, who doesn't love wearing flips and quenching this wicked hotness called summertime (especially in the south) with a free smoothie? while helping to support a good cause?

read more about national flip flop day and how you can reap ALL the benefits (charitable and palatable) of this phenomenal idea here.

as for me, my rainbows, my dollar dollars, and my love of the glorious smoothie can't wait for friday.  free smoothie, folks. free!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

panera: it does a sloth good

well thank goodness for panera. or any place outside of my hotel room for that matter. when living in a hotel i do NOT recommend trying to write or work from inside that space. what really happens is that you sloth around in your pjs and watch "man v. food" marathons in the semi-darkness all day.  why get dressed, just to watch cable?

here is my top five list on how NOT to be a productive member of society (eh, writer) while living in a hotel:

1. as mentioned above, never get dressed of course, until absolutely necessary. wikipedia "necessary" to determine what that truly means.

2.  don't open the curtains in the hotel room.  sunlight is very detrimental to slothing. and it determines time of day, which could cause unhealthy and immediate shock.

3.  obviously don't leave the hotel room if you can avoid doing so.  why do bears hibernate?  you don't see them leaving the cave (but i guess they aren't generally poets either. nor do they require an income).

4.  eat only what you can microwave or add milk to.  the brain is totally hinged on microwaves, right?

5. try to lay on the couch as much as possible.  studies show that exercise increases productivity immensely.

holy wow.  thank goodness i got out of there before becoming a complete noodle.  and the proof is in my latte: my brain, after leaving my cozy hotel hovel, is now back to fully functioning mode.  phew.  it doesn't hurt that the sun is shining (though not completely nuclear) and i am around actual humans (instead of dogs with human characteristics).  who knew light and socialization were so key to survival?

what else is the key to survival: mint water, pirate's booty, fruit, and for me, a visit here, where i am going to gatsby like it is 1909.