Thursday, February 14, 2013

14 for 30: to thine self be blue

heart day brings us to the midway point of the 30/30 project.  & what better way to raise a glass to this lovefest, then through poetry.  ok, admittedly today's poem doesn't necessarily shout joyful, but it does come from a very important place.  read, my day 14 poemon the hook, here.

in other news:  my brain is weary.  my words are getting heavier to process.  but on this day of affection i ask, what could be better than working toward something you believe in.

go hug someone.  go make a mix tape that you love (include the macabees!). be kind to each other.  


Monday, February 11, 2013

the 11th day of poetmas

here we are. day 11 of 28.  i'm listening to some new fall out boy.  trying to maintain. trying to recharge my waning synapses via some sweet (highly anticipated!) tunes & soon i will be reading something, well, just for fun.  here's the thing:  this project is becoming a fantastic challenge.  it is both incredibly hard & incredibly fulfilling.  & my god, the poets that i happen to be sharing this forum with are incredible.  so, to summarize:  incredible project + incredible poets = thankful for my inclusion.  

today i wrote about handling sorrow.  read my poem, sorrow leaves the body by ox cart, along with my glorious compatriot's day 11 poems, here.

& now onto the next one.  xo

Thursday, February 7, 2013

7 for 30: Cures for Poem Dehydration?

now normally, in a situation like this, i would stretch.  or rub ice on my shins.  maybe go get a pedicure while i drink approximately 3.7 gallons of water.  but here.  but this.  is a whole new animal:  brain conditioning by poem.  yep.  & to be frank, my brain is feeling a little like it just ate a family size bag of sea salt & vinegar chips.

all that to say though:  this is a phenomenal project.  it is getting my brain off the couch & into creative 5k mode.  & perfect.  i want to write & pull more & more pieces together for my manuscript.  for a bigger project.  for myself.  for all kinds of good reasons.

so what next?  hydrate or perish.  hyrdate & polish. & more of the write, write, lyric, write, write.

to read my poems for the first 6 days, peek them here.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Going 30 for 30: The Tupelo Press Project

oh my.  oh my goodness.  for the month of february i am taking part in the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project.  basically: i will use my running skills, (which lord knows i am always working on), & writing chops, (come on mfa, get it girl!) to produce a new poem every day for, in this case 28 days (as february is shorty mcshorterson).  the goal:  raise funds for the outstanding Massachusetts publishing house, Tupelo Press.  through sponsorship of my words, you are helping to sustain a non-profit literary press, that in turn, is able to sustain the poet & the art of poetry.

i am excited by this challenge.  as in running, i tend to rise to greater heights with the pressure of small benchmarks in my path.  this definitely gives glorious pressure & i look forward to what it brings.  i am surrounded by amazing poets & writing for a remarkable cause.  i am so hopeful.

my 30/30 compatriot lenĂ© gary, had the fabulous idea(!) that we each write a manifesto on why were writing this month, or at all.  my february manifesto can be found on lenĂ©'s smart, smart blog, bite my manifesto.

to follow my word-race poem extravaganza, please visit the Tupelo 30/30 page.  i may post the poems here also as we go along.  if you would like to sponsor me (perhaps? please? you love books don't you?) please be in touch.

my words heart your words. & support.