Saturday, August 16, 2014

if i stay....

i know i haven't written much here lately.  ok, like all of 2014, truly. listen, life is busy. & full of joys & challenges & loveliness & chaos. as i navigate, i will keep this current & will start posting again as i have time.  love, love & love.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

new news

and suddenly june is upon us.  and here we are, the year half-before us, half-behind us.  the exciting part:  i am now part of the board for the hawkeye campership fund, the nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance for campers attending camp hawkeye whose families would otherwise not be able to afford residential summer camp.  

words to describe the camp:  oh my holy i think the moonshine on the lake just stole the breath from my very chest.  what's that, new hampshire is always this awe-inspiring?  excuse me, but the grass is always greener here.  beautiful, diverse, extraordinary, balanced, fabulous: camp hawkeye. boom.  

consider sending a deserving youngster to camp for some nature cuddles.  or send your own baby beans (8-16).  with any luck i will be teaching them poetry and the art of the handwritten letter, this summer or in the years to come.

look for camp updates throughout the year, writing relevant or otherwise. and ways that you can help build foundations for bright young ones (who could also be young fitzgerald's).

Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 28: So it Ends, With a Renga

what can i say? except, well, maybe, this was an absolutely extraordinary & exhausting experience.  but, it was exactly what i needed.  to kickstart my writing goals for 2013, to capitalize on the idea that we must make time in our lives for our goals & big picture dreams as much as possible.  & i was able to raise funds for a cause i believe in, while doing something i love.  i am so thankful.  for this space/time to write.  for my loved ones who supported me through the month.  and thankful my dear brain did not just fade away, but kept churning out ideas & pieces, the beginning of which are starting to form into something, bigger.  bottom line is this:  so glad to have done this, but so glad i have a few days to just watch re-runs of big bang theory & spend time with my family.  but poetry, i do love you.

read our final collaborative piece, a renga to finish with a collective sigh, here.

& while my poeming for tupelo is at an end, my dear friend & fellow lesley poet, kali lamparelli is writing during the month of march.  check out her way with words.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

14 for 30: to thine self be blue

heart day brings us to the midway point of the 30/30 project.  & what better way to raise a glass to this lovefest, then through poetry.  ok, admittedly today's poem doesn't necessarily shout joyful, but it does come from a very important place.  read, my day 14 poemon the hook, here.

in other news:  my brain is weary.  my words are getting heavier to process.  but on this day of affection i ask, what could be better than working toward something you believe in.

go hug someone.  go make a mix tape that you love (include the macabees!). be kind to each other.  


Monday, February 11, 2013

the 11th day of poetmas

here we are. day 11 of 28.  i'm listening to some new fall out boy.  trying to maintain. trying to recharge my waning synapses via some sweet (highly anticipated!) tunes & soon i will be reading something, well, just for fun.  here's the thing:  this project is becoming a fantastic challenge.  it is both incredibly hard & incredibly fulfilling.  & my god, the poets that i happen to be sharing this forum with are incredible.  so, to summarize:  incredible project + incredible poets = thankful for my inclusion.  

today i wrote about handling sorrow.  read my poem, sorrow leaves the body by ox cart, along with my glorious compatriot's day 11 poems, here.

& now onto the next one.  xo