Tuesday, June 4, 2013

new news

and suddenly june is upon us.  and here we are, the year half-before us, half-behind us.  the exciting part:  i am now part of the board for the hawkeye campership fund, the nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance for campers attending camp hawkeye whose families would otherwise not be able to afford residential summer camp.  

words to describe the camp:  oh my holy i think the moonshine on the lake just stole the breath from my very chest.  what's that, new hampshire is always this awe-inspiring?  excuse me, but the grass is always greener here.  beautiful, diverse, extraordinary, balanced, fabulous: camp hawkeye. boom.  

consider sending a deserving youngster to camp for some nature cuddles.  or send your own baby beans (8-16).  with any luck i will be teaching them poetry and the art of the handwritten letter, this summer or in the years to come.

look for camp updates throughout the year, writing relevant or otherwise. and ways that you can help build foundations for bright young ones (who could also be young fitzgerald's).

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