Wednesday, March 16, 2011

what boys like, short stories by amy jones

i recently stumbled upon the opportunity to start reviewing books for the santa fe writer's project (which i have long admired), and thus have in my hands now, for this purpose, a collection of short stories by amy jones.  what way to describe it so far?  gritty intelligence perhaps.  uniquely extended prose.  what stikes me the most (and is inspiring me in a a profound way) is the way she turns images into new reality. epic poems even.  the last story, just read, links two significant events: kurt cobain's death and the central character's sister's disappearance.  this parallelism is kind of genius.  and while these stories often have an edge to them, i can't get over how brilliant they are.  seriously brilliant.  half-way through.  can't read fast enough.  if you are curious, support indie publishing house biblioasis, and pick up the book:  what boys like and other stories, by amy jones.  full review to follow soon.....

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