Wednesday, April 13, 2011

what rhymes with war?

last fall, while my mr. was overseas, i began working on a project (both for myself and for my last graduate school component: teaching a seminar) that dug into women and their poetic perspectives on war, specific to contemporary conflicts (last 20 years or so). i was surprised by how few women's perspectives i found. more than a little surprised really. more like disheartened. however,during my search i came across four books that affected me more than i can say:

Stateside by Jehanne Dubrow
Clamor by Elyse Fenton
Get Some by Sonja Yelich
Ruin by Roberta Lowing

these poetry collections are, how can i aptly describe them, powerful, moving, brilliant and at moments terrifying. what is most apparent is the way they process the journey: of being overseas, of remaining on the shore in wait, and of living through the conflicts in an incredible way. and while i don't necessarily recommend immersing yourself in a project like this if your loved ones are currently involved in one of the on-going conflicts (bad idea), i do recommend all of these as phenomenal.

read my Santa Fe Writer's Project review of Stateside here. 

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