Friday, July 15, 2011

big booty bread company

how can you not love a city with bakeries like this: big booty bread company.

for those of you who know me well, you will understand when i tell you: ny is always with me.  here now, pretty much my favorite thing to do is walk and walk (and walk some more).  because you never know what kind of poems are going to be formed through the streets.  oh, and the bakeries! nothing to do with words, except maybe:  unexplainably delicious, heavenly, earth-shattering.  you know, words that tingle in your mouth.

bottom line: every time i visit i am moved to write in a way that cannot be explained.  every moment feels the need to be captured, and truth be told, my favorite poems were written here.  the ones i kind of want to carry, so they are always close.  the ones that i want to farm out to the avett brothers so they will mold them into song.

brooklyn just, feels like home.

and, check out this: 826 NYC.

their writing space for young people fronts as a the brooklyn superhero supply company.  if you are in the area, and love writing and teaching, stop by.  or better yet, volunteer.

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