Saturday, January 14, 2012

the darren criss urban vintage hangover

if you are like me you just might have that go-to city-love, that takes up a place in your heart + mind, that no other place will ever possibly compare.  if you know me (hi, how are you?) then you know that for me, that place is new york (i <3 bk).  having just returned from what is certain to be my last trip for a few months (my biggest + most important "creative project collaboration" will keep us occupied for much of this year), i can't help but feel like every morning i wake up with the sounds and sights of the city lingering on my tongue.  it is kind of a perfect marriage between hungover + heart-miss, for this place, this affecting, amazing city.
Williamsburg, BK, Photo by Jacey Blue Renner

so what to do?  well, i am not really a weeper, so that's out.  and i am not (yet) a well-enough paid writer that i can fly back & buy my first apartment there.  having friends skype their walks + adventures around the city has crossed my mind, but i worry their arms may go slack/numb/into paralysis due to high demand.  so.  that leaves me, with writing + reading about it.  which essentially is probably most to my advantage.  if i want to become that well-enough paid writer who can eventually buy a teeny apartment to call her own.

and how do darren criss + the urban vintage come into the equation?  three words: broadway and brunch.  who knew such three words could bring such inspiration.  well, actually i did.  brunch is always inspiring with its eclectic (enter, DELISH) fare.  and mr. criss, if you have heard him sing (and on broadway, my lord!) you know exactly what i am talking about.

point being:  what & where has you beyond words affected today?  mull it over. write about it on a postcard.  send it to someone you love.  & affect & affect & affect.

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