Thursday, February 7, 2013

7 for 30: Cures for Poem Dehydration?

now normally, in a situation like this, i would stretch.  or rub ice on my shins.  maybe go get a pedicure while i drink approximately 3.7 gallons of water.  but here.  but this.  is a whole new animal:  brain conditioning by poem.  yep.  & to be frank, my brain is feeling a little like it just ate a family size bag of sea salt & vinegar chips.

all that to say though:  this is a phenomenal project.  it is getting my brain off the couch & into creative 5k mode.  & perfect.  i want to write & pull more & more pieces together for my manuscript.  for a bigger project.  for myself.  for all kinds of good reasons.

so what next?  hydrate or perish.  hyrdate & polish. & more of the write, write, lyric, write, write.

to read my poems for the first 6 days, peek them here.

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